Full stop is the end.I prefer comma,

8a4c53c92966a2353ba394c4debb854cToday I was going through the quality of my pictures here in my projects I felt very sad because unfortunately I had sold my Sony professional camera a year back for a good return,apologies to my readers :(, and today I miss it so much especially during my projects when I have to take clear professional pic’s I so wished my journey of this beautiful blogging began with a camera I possessed, as at that time the idea of  using the professional camera din’t matter to me :( and today I am craving to have one back :) but if there is a full stop its surely has an end therefore I use a comma and continue posting my projects even if the pictures are not as sharp as it should be as I believe lot of things can discourage you and put you so low that at a point you feel like giving up,because there are many reason to give up and that one reason to go on is the light to success and for me the one reason is my belief and passion and I am loving what I am doing here its like a  small world of mine that makes me happy every time I visit here,sometime you so wish you had a second home( well if you have a second home too good for you think for a 3rd one now  hehe!) that you can run too when you have a bad day or bad mood and just switch yourself towards something that makes you happy and then come back to reality, on the other hand well for some people that I know dreaming does that trick overall lol!

I realized over the time that I am a fighter and thankful to God to make me that way and I try my best to see what positive I can attract even if its from a negative end :),anyway let me share with you the things in my bucket list that I aim to have soon which will surely make my project making ride more smooth.
here you go:
1.A Professional camera ( a right picture can speak thousand words so I plan to take that right picture to save myself from writing 1000 words below it lol *wink*) – P.S Updates: I now have a new camera…Yipee! (one wish fulfilled)
2.Professional Sewing machine (yes I am learning to sew,I last took sewing lessons in 5th grade thanks to my teachers,I can at least sew and repair an emergency tear)
3. and the much loved silhouette cameo ( will be my ultimate possession)
Well….. see.. how soon I was able to bring a smile back on my face and that too all by myself! :)we woman are incredible aren’t we?just by remembering few things that I love, made me happy unlike the start of this post (the camera guilt) and now thinking of office tomorrow …is surely shrinking my smile so before I let this effort of pepping myself up go in vain,I am quickly going to tuck my self in with some happy thoughts (look finally I am talking like one of those people who use dreaming trick lol pretty unintentional though :) )
Chao sleep well dream well all.
Take care!
Thanks for reading :)



2 thoughts on “Full stop is the end.I prefer comma,

  1. Hmmm Wat a wonderful thought dear lady!!! Firstly let me congratulate you for ur website and also for trying your hands on blogging!!! I have read all your blogs and can conclude your ability to express your emotions is just amazing! So genuine so honest!!! Your expressing of things is so innocent as a 3 yr old would ask his mum, “why does papa call you jaan wen ur name is mumma??!!”
    Having followed all ur pictures and blogs, i must say dear lady Noor ur “eye for creativity” and “power to express” will get u nothing less than a World of Fame!!!
    I do believe that the biggest power is the “Power to create”!!! And here you are not only trying to create but also imparting info of how to create with the magnitude of talent and vision u possess! One word Commendable!!!!
    Especially the latest blog about a comma n a fullstop, thats such a positive mind talking about persistence!! Go on, go on fighting all odds in the hope of success, no matter what life has offered u!! I truly can relate to u every bit as im just going thru something similar! The best way i can put it this way, “We are two same sides of two different coins!!”
    I loved the way you spoke about dreams, coz me too am a dreamer!! Talking about dreaming, i dream with my eyes wide open, as it is said “khuli aankhon ka dekha hua khwaab humesha poora hota hai!!” I too believe that if u dream with eyes shut, its a life u lived for that moment but wen u wake up its like a mirage!! And if you dream with ur eyes wide open its like you forseeing
    how u want ur life to be in future!! So i guess the latter is better!
    Ooohhhh the bucket listtt!!! I have one too… n it has everything from a pin to a plane!!!
    I pray to the Almighty you see the light of success extremely soon n u dont
    need to keep fighting all odds as by now ur biceps may hve become quite bhaari n pehelwaanish, lol !! And do remember “khuli aankhon ke khwaab humesha poore hote hai!!!” So happy dreaming Mohtarmaa!!!

    • Thank you almaash!for all the appreciation, reader’s like you are so encouraging and I am glad we think alike,its when I read comments like this I feel its so worth doing what I am doing – inspiring new friends *wink* and by the way your comment is the first ever comment here so bingo….this comment will truly be special :) you have a great art for writing too I will surely be waiting to hear back your baby step story!

      Wish you all the luck!

      xx tc

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