Polka Denims – Revamped


I have always adored little girls especially the one’s of today’s time, the little one’s who don’t like to be called little anymore, very dress conscious and girly..I certainly wish my next one to be a girl Inshallah!

This week I was revamping my sis in-laws daughter’s wardrobe, she is 9 and  loves to dress up and this time we came up with an idea to revamp some of her old denim and top’s for fun sake and polka print was the best way to start as it is in and easiest way to revamp the old denim and the result was an extremely happy girl who refused to change out of her new denim lol !

I love to redo things following simple, easy steps -  here’s how I created this polka denim:

Things you would need:


2.Fabric paint

3.round shaped cap or you can use the round eraser on top of the pencil ( I used my sons wooden round block from his wooden shapes blocks)

Step 1.

Place the base and dip into the fabric paint then carefully press over the denim to leave a polka print, continue doing the same until you cover the denim

Step 2.

Let it dry at least 24 hours and then iron before wearing, this will allow the color to set well on the cloth.


Similarly I also created this Polka design on her black denim with eraser attached to a pencil top to get small polka pattern


Following similar pattern I used fabric paint to create a necklace effect and felt blue flower on the side of the top to give it a quick makeover


IMG_2191 IMG_2195
Can’t wait to have my denim transformed into polka denim…!

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Baby Space.

Today I thought of doing a post on Baby space besides the fact that I love babies….they bring so much joy and it’s like before we know it in a blink of an eye that phase comes to an end and they grow up to be these naughty toddler’s that you can barely have your hands on. It’s very important for every baby to have their own space, as parents we all wish to build a small space where our little angel’s can play and mess around especially when we want to watch them closely, here are few simple ideas on how to build that space within your space. Enjoy!


Love this color by fabuloushomeblog.com just paint one side of the wall and add similar color curtains and bedding, an easy way to create a small corner for that angel.

Love this space too, paint one side of the wall adding bright orange for the baby to stare at, a good way to make baby space when you have no extra room for that space.


This Red wall is an eye catcher I found it here, for parents who love red walls can easily work on this space in their bedrooms.

This baby space is adorable and classy that I found here and if you have black walls already you can easily build this space around your corner.


This one I found here is perfect for a baby girl , very classy and rich look…love the matt finish.

This is an ideal way to bring that baby space right next to you…just add some frills below the cot and add cute sheets to it…and you have  that night-time baby space all set.

Hope you enjoyed my little posts on how to build baby space and hope its helpful for the new parents and the parents to be, wish you all the luck :)

You can also watch for more baby space ideas here

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Sunday Funday……….! Breakfast Ideas..

Happy Sunday All,

I grew up in India where our weekend would be Saturday and Sunday until I moved to middle east where it’s Thursday and Friday, but I still love Sunday’s because it reminds me of Egg….for some reason’s and ….who doesn’t love egg???!!!…I mean yes I know few don’t for many reasons…but me and my hubbzy love eggs…yumm!

So here I am sharing with you all today from my Pinterest board  few ideas for Sunday breakfast…and if it’s egg in breakfast than you would surely love these recipes.

I love this Baked eggs , they look so yum , surely very filling…and the best part is.. it is only 100 calories..bonus :)


Yet another favourite of mine Rolled Egg Omelet , pretty simple to make and delicious in taste and it doesn’t include milk or water…for those who prefer without it!


For muffin fans Egg Muffins  made of egg, veggies, cheese and optional meat are a perfect grab-and-go


Baked Eggs with Crispy Harsh Brown Crust with three simple ingredients you surely going to enjoy it.


This one I have tried making for breakfast and it was a hit Broccoli and Italian Sausage Egg Muffins

I hope you enjoyed these few recipes for breakfast I shared, do share with me which one you made.. would be nice to hear your story and don’t forget to add me on your pinterest list its http://www.pinterest.com/honobnoor/ and follow me there for many more ideas and recipes.

Happy Sunday :)

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For Angry Bird Fan’s

My little one watches me yesterday while I was making my felt clips and say’s “Mamaji can you please make angry bird mask for Subhan” I asked him what would you do with a mask? he said ” I want to scare Abujee (father) lol ! what an innocent little request that was Mashallah :) My three and half year old is a big fan of Angry bird games and every time he achieves victory at different level’s he shout’s out loud and says….” Hi5″ ( irrespective some one gives him hi5 back ) Innocent little beings aren’t they?!!! :)

So without much of a delay I made this Angry Bird Mask for him in less than 30 min’s…. seriously it is that easy, and the result for making this was endless hugs and kisses from Subhan…aweee….felt so happy and ………………that’s was my true reward :)

IMG_2105angry b
He is such a moody poser, especially this time he was running around his father acting like an angry bird himself who was about to tumble over his whatever you call those funny creatures stuck in cages in the game and that’s when I rescued my Hubbzy by pulling Subhan aside and pose for me and that’s why he gave me this funny grumpy pose….any hooo…I had no choice but to work around this one…..favor’s mommy dear get’s from little sunny boy…heheh :)

angry bird mask

You can click here and find the entire tutorial on how I made this :)

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For Felt Lover’s & Beginner’s

Hey Guys!

PicMonkey Collage
I am in love with felt these days….there is so much one can explore and make from Felt it’s unbelievable, well in my case I am still discovering it though :) I thought these felt clips would be perfect as I plan to make few of these and gift them to my friends daughter’s…as it’s quick to make and I simply love making them and good news is that this week all my projects is revolving around Felt, so hang in there. You can find complete tutorial here on how I made this.



Bloomy Felt Flowers

Hello gorgeous one’s!

bloomy accessories
These felt flowers are for multipurpose use and they are so easy to make and can be accessorized in so many ways….I used my felt sheets that were lying in my sewing kit for ages I just picked red, one of my fav colors…and couldn’t think of anything better then making a rose out of it and one thing led to the other…..finally getting blooming results, click here to see the tutorial…hope you enjoy it!

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